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8:30 GSA 50+ Units!!
8:30 Lane 4 Archie, Menholt Honda, Bank repos!
9:30 LANES 1,2,3 Don't miss it!!


Lane 1

GM FInancial-Enterprise 80+Clean & Hail units  HERTZ, Holman, Lease Plan & Repos

Lane 2

Lane 3

Lane 4

 Wheat Country, Davis, Minot Auto & Summit 40+Pre-Inspected units!

Capital Group 25+

Can-am 60+Fresh Units!!

Ducharme, Fourlane Ford & Black Diamond

8:30 Start! 

Bismarck Motor Co.

Bank Repos!!

About Auto Auction of Montana

Auto Auction of Montana is a family owned and operated auto auction in it's fourth decade of offering quality vehicles and superior service to customers throughout the Rocky Mountain region and nationwide. We are the largest independent auction in the Northwest. Located in beautiful Billings, Montana, Auto Auction of Montana is committed to ensuring that customers always receive the first-class customer service they have grown to expect... and deserve.

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